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Hello Cleveland!

Hi. So, I should probably introduce myself. I’m a middle-aged musician who has played in bands for the last thirty years. Despite playing hundreds of gigs and releasing hundreds of songs, I’ve found myself completely unencumbered by any of the trappings of success, which makes me much the same as most people that play in bands. The 99%, if you will…

In fact in 2019 I realised that I now had considerable expertise in playing in bands that nobody has ever heard of, and decided to write a book about it – The Road to Nowhere. It’s really a sort of travelogue of my adventures in music – perhaps part guide, part memoir, and full of hints as to what not to do in a band. Stories about what life is really like for those musicians you once saw playing in a local pub to six people.

I shall be posting some excerpts from the book over the coming months. I hope you will enjoy reading them…

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    1. Thanks Michael!
      I’m just in the process of adding links for Twitter, Facebook and Email to notify people of new posts. Stay tuned…

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