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The Road To Nowhere – Out Now!

Well, I can’t quite believe it, but The Road to Nowhere is finally out as both print and ebook! It’s taken a while to sort this out, but the company I have used to print these have done a fantastic job and I’m proud to have an actual real human book to show for my efforts.

You can buy print and ebook versions from all the usual online retailers. Thanks to the wonders of the global capitalist economy and international postal services, the likes of Amazon and Book Depository can actually sell it cheaper than I can sell it, even if I just price it to break even. That makes no sense at all, but life often doesn’t. I try not to think about it.

So the only selling point I can really offer you for buying a hard copy directly from me is that I’ll sign the book for you and imbue it with much love. Also, you won’t be funding Jeff Bezos’s next trip into space. So there’s that.

Full details for purchasing can be found here.

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